Taylors Buttons is located in a narrow Victorian house in which Charles Dickens lived twice during his lifetime.

Entering the shop is like finding a treasure trove on a dusty street. Colourful and art-deco buttons line the walls from floor to ceiling, and these are all one-off pieces. The stock is limited; when it's gone, it's gone. These buttons can be found nowhere else.

The owner and proprietor of Taylors Buttons, Mrs Maureen Rose, is an inspiration to others in the trade and supplies buttons and materials to her competitors, including a rare black silk basket-weave ribbon which is used to cover buttons for dress wear and evening wear and can't be found anywhere else these days. 




She stocks a very exclusive thick silk Union Jack ribbon which makes the most exquisite Union Jack buttons. Taylors Buttons is the only shop to stock a facsimile of the celebrated 'High Sheriff' Buttons (the High Sheriff of London is the only person allowed to take his or her sheep over London Bridge!) and it's not only the vintage stuff that she is known for; she has an extensive and exclusive range of modern plastic decorative and Swarovski crystal-studded buttons, too.

Using her highly trained eye, Mrs Rose will pick out the stars of any current collection and boost her stock with new and modern buttons which are sought after by the fashion industry and fashion and dressmaking students alike.

In fact, if someone requests a particular button which Taylors Buttons does not stock, Mrs Rose will consult her extensive contacts, forged from half a century of experience in the button industry, to source the desired button if at all possible.

Dry cleaners from all around the area come to Taylors Buttons to find replacements for lost buttons. If only every neighbourhood had a resource like this!


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